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Turks are the most hospitable people in the world. They are open, generous, and love to stuff you with delectable Turkish food… They smile when foreigners break customs.

Turks are hot-blooded! They love big. They entertain big. They celebrate big. They are always touching one another, hugging, petting, leaning up against their family members and good friends. But when they get angry they’re just as fiery. They yell and gesticulate and discuss their situation with everyone. Then they forgive, hug, kiss, and make up.


  1. Not all Turkish men have mustaches.

You might see members of the older generation sporting a mustache, young Turks are more likely to be clean-shaven.


  1. There aren’t any camels.

In Turkish holiday resorts it’s not unusual to see a couple of camels lined up strategically outside the tourist attractions, waiting to be photographed. Like apple tea, someone discovered that tourists like them. Turkey doesn’t have a desert, and it doesn’t have any (native) camels either.


  1. The official language is Turkish.

The only official language of Turkey is Turkish, although other languages spoken by minority groups include Arabic and Kurdish.

Turkish is part of the Turkic language family; similar languages are spoken in Azerbaijan and Central Asian countries such as Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan.

Turkish is not related to Arabic, although the two languages have some words in common. Although most Turks are Muslim, they are not Arabs.

Turkish people can speak, English, French  Spanish, German, Arabic and Russian very well…


  1. Every meal is a barbeque opportunity.

Breakfast, lunch or dinner: the grill can be used at any time of day. Picnics are also popular in Turkey and the portable mangal (barbeque) usually comes along.

There’s also a whole restaurant format devoted to the barbeque: called kendin pişir kendi ye: cook it yourself; eat it yourself. At the table you’ll get a pre-heated barbeque and a plate of raw meat. The rest is up to you.


  1. Turkish soap operas are huge.

Local studios churn out dizi (soap operas) at an impressive rate. Almost every Turkish region has its own soap opera. Most socializing in Turkey is done at home, and watching soap operas is a favorite pastime.

Turkish soap operas are not only popular inside the country; they are also watched throughout the Arab world and Central Asia. These shows have even been credited for an increase of Arab tourism in the countr


  1. Turkish people are extremely hospitable.

If a Turkish person invites you to their house after you’ve known them for half an hour, don’t panic.

Turks are incredibly friendly and hospitable and as a misafir (guest), you are highly valued. Many will consider it an honor if you accept an invitation to visit them. Once inside, you will be plied with food and strong black çay or Turkish coffee.


  1. Turkish people are also very inquisitive.

A typical conversation with a Turkish person you’ve just met might go something like this: “What country are you from?… Are you married?… Is your husband / wife Turkish?… Do you have children?… How old are you?”

If you come from a different culture these might seem like very personal questions. Compared to other nationalities, Turkish people are much more comfortable talking freely about personal details, even with someone they don’t know well.


  1. Like Tarkan? There’s more where he came from.

Like soap operas, Turkish pop music is popular throughout the region. Other homegrown musicians to look out for include Sezen Aksu and Öykü & Berk, who are pioneering their own brand of Turkish flamenco.


  1. Turkish people kiss to say hello and goodbye, once on either cheek. They will often hold hands, or link arms, regardless of gender or age, to not be this intimate with everyone you know is considered odd and cold  In this Turkey


  1. Once you are united within the confines of a small space such as a store, a home, or a hallway Turkish people will do everything in their power to make you feel comfortable.


  1. Turkish people love children.


  1. No matter how nice someone is, how kind and loving, when Turkish people board public transportation, its every man, woman, or child for him or herself.


  1. Turkish food is supposed to be one of the most diverse culinary palettes in the world, a melting pot of different tastes, and yet the Turkish menu is pretty good near the same no matter what restaurant you walk into.No matter what restaurant you walk into, the food is almost always delicious.


  1. Despite the fact that Turkish food is delicious, Turkish people are not fat.
  1. Turkish people love the taste of a licorice liquor called Raki. You couldn’t pay me to smell it, but they will gladly pay you to let them drink bottle after bottle of it.


  1. Turkish people love to hear non Turkish people speak Turkish.  They are so supportive and impressed by the smallest bit of effort that it becomes impossible to not make one.