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Turkey Travel Friend is proud to welcome you in our partner thermal facilities in a number of different destinations in Turkey. Here are some of the destinations you can choose:

  • Afyon
  • Bursa
  • Yalova
  • Gaziantep
  • Çankırı
  • Konya
  • Kozaklı
  • Kütahya
  • Sakarya
  • Kızılcahamam
  • Kırşehir
  • İnegöl
  • Balıkesir
  • İzmir
  • Rize
  • Pamukkale
  • Salihli
  • Edremit
Hudayi – Sandikli Thermal Resort, Afyon
Southwest of Sandikli (10 km.) in Afyon province, there
is a small treatrement center with a 100 bed capaqcity. Waters contain
sulphur, hydrocarbonate, sodium, calcium, carbon-dioxide, bromide and
fluoride (60-70C, radioactive)and are good for drinking and bathing
benefiting,rheumatic, skin, gynecologic and digestive complaints.
Orucoglu Thermal Pool – Afyon
Orucoglu Thermal Center is 14 km. from Afyon. The
temperature of the spring water is 49C. The water is rich in carbon
dioxide, sodium, bicarbonete, dsodium chloride, bromide and fluoride. It
has beneficial effects on arthritis, sciatica, disc hernia, neuritis,
neuralgia, lumbago, osteoathrosis ans after orthopedic surgery and
various other surgical treatments such as post-operative theraphy. It
can also be used in the rehabilitation of spastic children and polio
patients with mental retardation. Patients with skin ailments like
psoriasis, feeding problems, stomach intestine, gall bladder, kidney,
urinary tract and gynecologicdisordes and muscle and nerve fatigue also
benefit from it.
Thermal Pool in Kizilcihamam – Ankara
It is 86 km. from Ankara. 975 m. above sea level. The
waters (37-47C) contain sodium, calcium, magnesium, bicarbonate and
chlorine. Good for drinking and bathing benefitting the cures of
rheumatism neuralgia, gynecologic and digestive disorders.
Massage Therapy in Gonen Thermal
Situated to north of Balikesir, it has a treatment
center with a 381 bed capacity. Thermal waters contain su;phur, chloride,
sodium, hydrocarbonate and carbondioxside (52C). Suitable for both
drinking and bathing cures, the waters are benifical for dermatologic,
liver, rheumatic, urinary and nervous complaints
Retreat in Thermal – Bolu
It is on the Ankara-Istanbul highway- 4 km.south of Bolu
with a 250 bed capacity. Waters (44C) contain calcium. magnesium, sulphu,
bicarbonete and benefit the cures of rheumatism, neuralgia, sciatica and
gyncologic, liver and kidney diseases.
Historical Thermal Pool in Bursa –
Most of the thermal springs, in both modern and
historical settings, are in the district of Cekirge. The waters contain
bicarbonete, sulphur, sodium, calcium and magnesium (47-78C) and are
suitable for both drinking and bathing cures. Benefical for rheumatic,
gynecologic and dermatologic, diseases and for the metabolism. A wide
range of accommodations in 1st to 4th class hotels is available, as is
medical supervision.
Health in Nature- Bursa – Oylat
Appoximately 27 km. south in Inegol county, the water is
very warm; the steam bath is heated to 40oC and the spring waters are
10C. The waters contain sulphur, bicarbonete, calcium, hyrdrogen ions
and iron. With diuretic properties, the drinking and bath cures have a
relaxing and sedative effect. There are two hotels and four motels.
Thermal in Kestanbol – Canakkale
Located 15 km. into Ezine county 2 km. from the Sea of
Marmara. The waters of the various springs range between 21C and 67C,
containing chloride, sodium, iron carbon-dioxide and calcium. At the
Thermal springs beneficial bath cures, mud-bath cures, steam and geyser-cures
are available.
Denizli – Pamukkale and Karahayit
North of Denizli (20 km.) with accommodations of 500
total bed capacity. Thermal waters contain hydrocarbonate, sulphur,
calcium carbondioxide and iron (33-56C, radioactive) and are suitable
for drinking and bathing, benefitting heart and circulatory complaints
as well as digestive, gall bladder. rheumatic and kidney diseases.
Sakar Thermal Pool – Eskisehir
It is 33 km. north of Eskisehir near the town of
Saricakaya. The waters (35C) contain sodium, magnesium and bicarbonate,
benefitting the skin, complaints of sciatica, rheumatism and kidney
Thermal in Balcova – Izmir (Ancient Smyma)
It is 10 km. west of Izmir with a 400 bed capacity and
hasthe largest indoor thermal pool in Turkey. Ege Univetsity recognizes
the value of these hot springs and has built a treatment center nearby.
The water (62C) is suitable for drinking and bathing benefitting
sciatica, gynecologic, nervous disorders plus intestinal and urinary
Mud Bath Cesme – Izmir
The Bay of Ilica and Sifne (7 km.east of Cesme) have
accommodation available in every category and class with a total
capacity of 2000 beds. Waters contain chloride, sodium, magnesium,
fluoride (42-55C) and are suitable for drinking and bathing benefitting
sciatica, gynecologic, nervous disordes plus intestinal and urinaru
complaints as well as the metabolism.
Ilgin Thermal Pool – Konya
Situated northwest of Konya with basic accommodation
available but having an excellent treatment center. Waters contain
hydrocarbonate, calcium, sodium and carbon-dioxide (42C, radioactive)
and are beneficial for rheumatic, dermatologicl, gynecologic, urinary,
circulatory and heart diseases, and also for glandular and digestive
Thermal Bath in Harlek – Kutahya
27 km. from the city. The waters are warm between 25C
and 43C, containing bicarbonate, sulphur, calcium and magnesium. The
drinking and bathing waters can be beneficial for sufferers of
rheumatism, hepatitis bladder, skin and metabolic disorders.
Thermal Spa in Sultaniye – Mugla
A sunken area Koycegiz county, with warm waters between
25C and 43C, containing chloride, sodium, hydrogen, sulfide and bromide.
Both the drinking ant the bathing waters have a relaxing and beneficial
effect on suffers of rheumatism, sin and blood disorders, heart ailments,
bronchitis, nervous, complaints, kidney and urinary complaints metabolic
disorders and for elderly patients and convalescents.
Doctor Fishes – Balikli Cermik – Sivas
This interesting spa is situated 12 km. norteast of
kangal in the province of Sivas. Thye waters (35C) contain bicarbonete,
calcium and magnesium. In the baths are many small fish (2-10 cms) and
these play an important part in the cure of psoriasis. The waters are
also beneficial for rheumatism, skindiseases, arterial sclerosis and
gynecologic complaints. There are motels, restaurants and camping
facilities as well as shops for provisions.
Thermal pool in Yalova
These thermal springs are situated 11 km. southwest of
yalova with a bed capacity of 600-800 in hotels and guest houses. The
thermal waters contain sulphur, sodium ans calcium (55-60C) and are
suitable for drinking and bathing cures. beneficial for rheumatic,
gynecologic, urinary and nervous complaints and nervous complaints and
controls cholesterol and lipid levels.